Marauder & Discovery Tunes

When I do a Tune I'm really hunting for the small improvements I can make that can add up to noticeable accuracy enhanced over stock items. The trigger tune I do is always going to extract what the design potential has to offer. What I do to both guns is rework the leade so the pellet ramps into the rifling cleanly and leaves minimal debris doing so. I also do a hand done crown job to the barrel which will be a burr free affair and release each pellet just like the last. Breech seals are also upgraded on the guns to Urethane except in the .177 model where they use a metric seal (urethane not available).
I always do a thorough clean job to the barrel so the junk the factory leaves as a preservative is replaced with spotless and your ready to go shoot. It may take 25-30 pellets for the barrel to normalize and start acting consistently.
Specific to the Disco is the Extended Bolt probe so the pellet ramps into the rifling (completely) instead of leaving the skirt hanging in the transfer port area and getting fired into the rifling. This adds velocity and it is energy that would otherwise push the pellet directions other than down the rifling. Damage to the pellet when fired into the leade almost always compromises its accuracy potential.
The Discovery also gets a Spring guide and power adjuster on the back of the action so I can set the pressure to my liking. You can charge Mac1 Discoveries to 2200 PSI as delivered. It leaves around 3-4 turns for you to turn it up but I set it where the thing is the best compromise for power and accuracy. You can probably turn it up another 25-30 fps depending on the pellet used at the expense of shot count and efficiency. If you turn it up it will also work better with slightly higher pressure as is the nature of PCP's.
If you have a specific need for reduced power in a Discovery I can accomodate those requests and set guns up so they adjust the power at the transfer port via small port rather than changing hammer springs and the like. The Marauder has an Adjustable transfer port where the Discovery can be resized but it has no facility for being adjustable. You could have multiple transfer ports in different sizes but it is not that practical to take the guns apart. If I change it you should be pretty sure that is what you want. You won't be able to make is shoot slower but you can drill the small hole out for a higher power level fairly easy(providing you have the skill and tools)
Discoveries have no noise suppression from the Factory, so if you want the Discovery to be discreet like a Marauder is, you will need to add the Gen II brake I make. Normally I add an extra barrel support along with the Gen II brake to make the Discoveries almost as quiet as the Marauders.
If you want the open sights to still be useable I can drill the front sight base through and slip it on the barrel behind the Gen II Brake so you can have open sights still. Mac1 discoveries are a pretty well kept secret but they can be extremely effective and useful. Even with the pound shed from the synthetic change the Marauder will still tip the scales a few pounds heavier than a Disco. If you seek a light carry gun there are few guns that can hold there own with the Disco. We get the trigger to a respectable 2.5 lb level but it will never be the trigger in the Marauder. Smaller shooters will take to the Disco like a Duck to water because they can carry it all day long and never get tired. Fully scoped with the Gen II Brake it is still not going to weigh 7.5lbs.
The New Synthetic Marauder has started to be delivered and I like the improvements the factory has done. Most are practical production changes so they go together easier and the four screw breech is structurally better as well as being easier to work on. The stock layout is good with the slim pistol grip and lighter so all people have given it a thumbs up for shape and a so-so rating for it's cheapness. The black gun lovers are as happy as clams and the wood lovers are a little miffed but there is always the aftermarket. The more is better baffles are spring loaded now so the issue with the shroud lengths is a non matter now. Looks like smart changes and the accuracy seems to be very good. There are no radical changes just incremental improvements that will make them easier to make and rework. One example is the bolt doesn't need to be taken out now when tuning since we can remove the breech and get to all the screws.
The Trigger enjoys the same design and that is smart as it is a very good trigger and is easy to make great.
I'm very pleased as a Dealer to be able to offer American made product to the public and be proud of the offering. Crosman has done a very good job.
Some may feel they will lose the factory warrantee when they get Mac1 tunes but that has not proven to be the case. Crosman has come thru in the few times something got by me to give the option to the consumer to send the problem to the factory or to Mac1 depending on which is closest. That proves Crosman is all about customer service just like I am.
It would be wise for customers to consider sending their scopes to me when they are buying a gun from Mac1. Any accessory you choose to send or purchase we will install it for you as part of the build. When you get the gun you reinstall the scope and you are turnkey ready. If the set-up needs droopers or a correction it is done by a pro and you just enjoy it rather than struggle with it. Gravity sucks and sometimes it sucks the pellet right out of the adjustment range. This is what we do and why we are the ones to buy guns from. Getting it right in the first place is a time and money saver. I never knowingly exercise your wallet.
If you have a problem it is my problem even if it is a factory issue. We aim to please. Let us know if we didn't get it done.