LD Pistol

Hunting, long range plinking, & Silhouette Competition with an American Made & Modified Air pistol? Yes, try it with a MAC1 LD pistol. Some pistols have the necessary accuracy. Some have the knockdown power. But none of them has these two in the potent combination that the LD MKI offers. Don't believe us - try it! It is the only Airpistol with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

And...silhouette is not the only shooting sport where the Mac1 LD MKI shines. When we tell you that they often shoot 1" groups from a bench at 50 yards, you'll begin to get the idea.

With the LD's 200-250 shots on a 4 oz. CO2 tank and superb consistency, the gun is ready for most anything. Throw a Red Dot on and make it a serious practice gun for Conventional Pistol, indoors or out under circumstances when practicing with rimfires isn't possible. Or go for a big RIFLE scope and how about field target shooting? A pistol that can group as tight as the LD at 50 yards can take on RIFLES! All it takes is the right scope and your willingness to test pellets and keep a detailed shooting log until you know the pistol's capabilities.

Sure, you'll see the LD MKI really shine when you take it out to fire an Airpistol Silhouette match, but we just want to emphasize that it can do a lot more - like tin cans at 80yds, medium range pest control, and just plain fun shooting with rifle-like accuracy! I doubt that there's another air or gas pistol in existence that has shattered the familiar limitations of air and gas pistols like the LD. It is a staple of every pest controller we see and has been put to the test hunting by a lot more shooters than competitors for sure. We’ve built over 1000 LD’s now and I suspect 90% are used for hunting and pesting.

The LD begins with a standard Crosman MK1 or MKII, which has to be the finest budget CO2 pistol of all time.

A re-contoured bolt probe facilitates airflow with minimal resistance. A re-machined valve body eliminates CO2 loss between frame and valve body and utilizes a higher capacity chamber and larger valve seat to flow more CO2 with shorter valve duration.

The frame is machined to allow fitting of standard 3/8" dovetail rings for scope mounting. And the dovetails are cut at a 25-minute downward angle, to allow trouble free sight-in at very long and/or short ranges with the scope working in the middle of its adjustment range.

The original barrel housing has been re-machined to accept the LW(Lothar Walther) manufactured barrel. This is the simplest, most rigid, and most precise way of fitting a barrel, and it insures that every LD will shoot well. Larry Durham designed the barrel and hangy tank concept to be one of the best AG's of all time. After producing over 1000 LD MKI pistols in the last 27 years it represents one of our proudest achievements and continues to be the Airpistol to beat in competition.

A bulk adapter is fitted to facilitate the hanging of a 4 oz CO2 tank from the bottom of the pistol grip. This makes the center of gravity of the pistol very low, giving extraordinary stability, especially with a scope! The advantage, is stable velocity from shot-to-shot over hundreds of shots, and you NEVER have to run low, or shoot the gun until its empty to refill it, you simply remove the tank before power falls off and replace it with a full one to continue shooting at the SAME velocity! The bulk adapters have a check valve so that when the tank is removed, the gun stays charged. This permits swapping tanks on the fly, as well as storing it charged, which is also desirable. In addition, use of the conventional piercing cap, permitting the use of disposable 12 gram cartridges as an alternative power source is still an option.

The metal surface is bead blasted then an Auto finish flat black paint is baked on for a durable finish.

This is a "Custom," gun, and that's exactly what we mean - so if there is something else you'd like to see on a custom CO2 pistol before you part with your hard-earned cash? Get in touch with us and we'll talk - if it's feasible, we'll do it for you!

Some LD History

I've been tinkering with airguns for a lot of years, always searching for ways to maximize the potential of production guns. As soon as I saw the first MK1, I realized this could be a great custom airgun. With an awesome trigger and great ergonomics, its vapor-only layout was consistent and efficient. The factory barrels were good, but we knew we needed longer ones to get the power and balance we wanted. Bill DeHaven designed our first long-barrel conversions, using barrel liners that were machined from .22 Hornet or .223 firearm barrels. The factory barrel housing was machined and an extension added for this mod. Then the whole thing was sandwiched together and held by threads on the barrel ends just as a stocker is done but with the sleeve added for length. Bill was a Guy who liked doing one-offs, so he told me to go ahead and build his design. I can't blame him because they were a nightmare to get aligned with the sights.

I had purchased the last 150 MK1's from Crosman and developed a high-power valve to complement the long barrel. I used my three-angle valve seat and a second o-ring groove in the valve body to eliminate leakage between the valve and the frame. It got a few shots less per CO2, like maybe 15%, but it shot over 10% faster and 20% harder and was way more consistent throughout the charge.

The first LD was sketched out on an In-N-Out Burger napkin by Larry Durham, who had commissioned me to do a long barrel to HIS liking. The most significant difference from the previous iteration of the long-barrel MK1 was that the housing was machined to accept a bull-barrel configuration rather than the BD's skinny, turned down barrel and outer-sleeve construction. It was so much better that I was upset I had not thought of it. From a set-up standpoint the guns became a breeze to sight in and actually pointed the scope directly to the impact point. The design expertise of a production engineer with 30 years experience made the gun several times as accurate with one little but significant alteration to the design. We moved away from the firearm barrels, which would only shoot oversize pellets like 5.6mm Wasps, and started building the guns with Lothar/Walther barrels. The Failed Sheridan Sterling project gave us access to Lothar/Walthers at a great price so we used those until they ran dry. I ended up making a deal with HW to build us our barrels exactly to our specifications, already blued and ready to hand-crown and bolt up. We used those for over a dozen years and HW probably made 600-700 total. We are now back to using Lothar Walthers and they are available in 12” or 10” normally and long 14 & 17” barrels can be special ordered.

The bull barrel is an impressive eyeful and engineering brilliance in its simplicity, but the most remarkable feature of the LD is one you can't see - the way it handles the CO2 that powers it. The quirks and kinks of CO2 are something I know better than anyone in the airgun business. What has been done with the valving on the LD is simply incredible. Temperature is the big joker with CO2 in a gun - most airgun designs using CO2 have stumbled over the fact that the pressure in a CO2 reservoir rises and falls sharply in response to the ambient temperature. The valve I use has been the same for a few years now and represents our commitment to excellence. Crosman made the exhaust valve I used for decades but when they discontinued the part we took up the manufacturing ourselves. I haven't changed a thing on it in several years, as I feel I have found the ultimate setup. Performance is essentially consistent from 45-65 F at around 500 FPS. At 85F it climbs to 560 FPS, and then as the valve sees increased pressure due to increased temp it once again approaches 500 FPS as it approaches 110F.

The pressure at 45F is 600 PSI. At 65F pressure is 750 PSI. At 85F PSI is 1000 and at 95F PSI is 1250. In a range of pressure that more than doubles, velocity rises and then falls less than 10% due to clever valve design. Valve duration is balanced w/ pressure by passing low volumes of high pressure or high volumes of low pressure to yield a nearly flat performance across the pressure spectrum."

The most incredible difference in shootability came about with the development of the hangy tank. LD was convinced if you lowered the CG (center of gravity) of the pistol the shooter would be more accurate. His theory was a SCOPED gun should be absolutely neutral in your hand (you can hold the gun up with one finger in trigger guard). It shouldn't be muzzle heavy or light or top heavy. With the tank he hung from the bottom of the grip it was cheating. Larry made the first ones and I remember trying to get him to let me use it all the time. We evolved a design so you could screw a paintball tank into the bulk adapter which had a check valve.

LD gets full credit for pioneering this technology as well as the barrel design. He has been instrumental in helping me to improve the product over the 22 years we have built it. He has a number of trophies from State and National championships earned with the LD MKI and has been very supportive of the project from the beginning. He's a great pistol shot and Master Silhouette shooter. He has beaten high dollar EURO Olympic equipment countless times.

The LD is the product of years of hands-on experimentation at Mac1 and constant input from shooters who have put Mac1's custom work to the test in field conditions and on the competition range. I'm very proud of this project and like to mention how many happy customers I have who are using these guns for target and hunting applications. Numerous championships have been won with this pistol over the years. I'm so confident that I offer a money-back Guarantee and they don't get sent back!

Want It? You can't go buy a NEW Crosman MKI to use as a basis for my custom anymore, but good used ones are out there if you look hard. You'll even find some great deals. They haven't been made since 1980 as far as I know. We make these guns up from used ones, and we give you the best hardware we have but it IS used, so cosmetics can vary. We basically give you back one as clean as you give us and we use the hardware off the gun you send. We are getting short on some parts, so an incomplete, buggered up gun will cause problems. We call them roaches and there is a roach fee if it causes extra work. If you want a really clean one find yourself a real nice example and send it to us. A leaking gun is not a problem, as all internals will be reworked. Mac1 owns over 175 MKI pistols as we have been buying them for years. If you can’t find a clean one we can supply one of the shop guns to build your LD from.


Dry Weight with tank fitted - 61 ounces

Length – 15 1/2" w/ standard 12" Mac Match barrel (add 3 1/4 " for three baffle brake). Optional barrels are 10", 14" & 17”
Power - LD MKI Shoots between 450-560 FPS w/ 13.9 grain pellets on power adjustable models. Non-adjustable versions do 560 FPS or can be set from 450-550 FPS if you prefer.
Trigger - Two stage w/ 8oz First stage and 16oz Second stage.
Sights - Windage and Elevation adjustable rear sight.
All Standard LD MkI's are .22 caliber.

Limited Edition LD’s can be had in .20 or .22 caliber.

All LD barrels in .20 and .22 use the same bolt so they can be interchanged between guns no problem. Regardless of caliber designation or length the alternate barrels will still fit. We do not offer .177 caliber LD’s.